Monday, September 17, 2012


During my independence days in Manila, I always dream of cooking my own food. Everybody knows that I really can't cook but I just like it. I used to imagine me boiling saba banana dipped in cooking oil with spices. awwwright!!! C'mon don't be that amazed yet for the level of difficulty will soon go up. hihihi 

And told you, right before I filed for my leaves I already thought of me working in the kitchen! So here's my cooking!!!

Preparing the must have for "the DIP" -  salsa! yeahba!
TADA!!! Nacho Salsa Dip ala Quickmelt... dami cheese e! 
with my interns, Owen and Jeric.
Lipton Cocktail Iced Tea.
Went to our City Market early in the morning to buy fresh buko for my ever favorite, BUKO SALAD!
Ingredients for Bukod salad with AJ as garnish on the side. hahha
of course hygiene must always apply in all crafts we make, assuring everything's done with clean hands. (^ ^)>

And that's it! Ang sarap ng feeling na di ko kailangang ipa'raffle ang pagkaing luto ko para maubos! hahahah And today, I wish I could kill *stuttering*,  rather cook an octopus or an eel!!! yeah!!! loving to savage!  



  1. nice. anymore of this left?

  2. nice. anymore left of this cheesy concoction?