Sunday, September 23, 2012

Late Blossom

Life is a just a matter of getting used to it. – Kim Man Seok of Late Blossom.

I have high anticipation for Korean films since I’m a fan myself of their hit dramas. But through the process I know their having the cliché storyline with rich man-poor girl; totally engrossed couple in love but ends up in an “expected” sudden tragic accident which caused the lead to suffer amnesia then there’s this latest fantasy of two people exchanging souls. You know though I’m fully aware I still do watch them. Why? It’s their way of saying because WE CAN.

After watching Late Blossom, I felt that life is not just anything about me that I am capable of affecting others in ways I never thought I could. Our priorities will change every now and then for the benefit of the ones’ we cared of but in reality no matter how we lived we all just be a memory and hopefully a good one. The idea of a meaningful life will always be thought in your lone times when you can no longer feel wanted and all is left is manners in your elderly presence. You may say I’m making it sound awful and inappropriate but in reasons of all things on earth we all depreciate. But what’s so good about life that I’ve come to realized is that what make us content, happy and able to wake up every day are always our cherished memories. That we all want to feel it again and again like experience the first kiss; the blessing in disguise heartbreak from your good for nothing ex that led you to “I do”; to witness your child’s first step; to have a trip abroad with your own family etc… All those fond times you may just remember when your time is running out.

We all give ourselves enough importance in every situation we’re in, liked it or not since self-love is the core to staying alive. But as we aged we feel selfless in some points, when we’re on top of our careers we all be giving back our glory then when the time comes that you began to feel unreciprocated because it’s a human thing to do you started feeling again that self-worth. You’re going back to your child act of wanting for more but your limits are shown. So think of our orishin (elders) no matter how busy we are. Let’s not promised them to pay visit every weekend if you will just stood them up for just like a kid they’re fragile, sensitive and hates broken promises. Don’t get tired of showing them you care since all just they wanted is to be accompanied by the people they once cared of as well. Because in the first place they didn’t wish for Alzheimer’s nor weak bones so just make your presence be felt so that they won’t feel scared and unwanted.

So just like that we will all end up having nothing but our treasured memories. Let’s just show the world that we existed. Like I may not be a perfect daughter or a politician that everyone voted but in my most unique way of saying Jerma once lived, I’ve started not too long ago to change my way of thinking not just about the world I’m in but also the world I’m preparing to enter. I want to have my dimples showing once I left plus the memories I’ve made.

Manse! Manse! (Long lived!!!)

I must say that if ever I watched this alone I would still be crying like crazy. You should not miss this movie for the world! A movie meant to touch your hearts and ideals for that future after death.

"You only live once - but if you make it right, once is enough." - Joe E. Lewis

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