Monday, September 17, 2012

it pains me~

Title: love, sick, little, puppy dog (^ ^)
Got inspired thus this was made. I still love ASHLLOYD and that's a big reveal though they choose to break my heart ---.----)\/ 
*Now turning 13k views so thanks folks for watching!


Why do people having chemistry and already filled out the requirements to fall in love ended up being just a familiar face to each other? I know the answer but still... tsk! *whining* I have hopes for these people so why can't they?!?!? I know for a fact that they do feel the same way but how come they see it as a restrain? It's making things more complicated, more unreal  and worst, more regretful. Oh my! I just wish if i'll be in those shoes of either of the two I could always choose to be happy despite of being ALREADY HURT. 

And though I like to be certain that they do have something for each other unluckily I'm just a mere expectator that what I just know is merely favorable in my very own insinuating eyes so whatever they have as of the moment maybe friends or colleagues there's no way to find it out since the world isn't end yet. So whatever it is, as long as the people I like to get married not yet married or divorced or annulled with "others" just YET still heads up for all of us believers! 

Because though I've never felt it yet I know that LOVE is a universal thing to do. Yes, TO DO! Love is an action verb. End of story. 

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