Sunday, September 23, 2012

Plead Guilty

I just came from a whole day event in my supposed to be lone Saturday. What brought me to stay out? I bet you knew the answer.  It’s the Korean Film Festival “Family Time” in Megamall for a week which started last Sept. 18 and will come to end tomorrow, 23rd. It is brought to us by ever active and friendly KCC, Korean Cultural Center; I have it ready just in case you’re interested to ask. They’ve offered free admission to their daebak films of all time for all ages. Isn’t it already exciting to know that it’s for free plus your favorite actors in big screen!

So there, applause for the people behind all these creativity to promote the value of “copyright” as per the pamphlets given as to how it affects the industry which I’m not just talking about Korea’s film business but also ours. How our patronization to cheap pirated DVD copies and illegal downloads can cause a big loss to everyone making a living out of media. I’m already sorry to begin with because though I already knew such wrong things I still choose to do so for years now. I haven’t thought of the worst things that could happen in the future like what if Big Bang will no longer have high budgeted wardrobe during concerts, PSY would no longer guest big stars on his music videos; no more hi-tech flying cameras on Running Man 200th episode or your most awaited movie just happened to end in just an hour due to production constraints. Though we all liked it not to happen I guess we’ll still end up with that anyway since every industry has its own downtime, sort of a cycle in every worldly thing. Don’t be surprised that I know such~ I’ve learned it from selective learning in college. Hehe.

Going back, it’s unimaginable for kpop fan like me who’s already indulge with everything Korean from eating spicy kimchi which we all know kids that it’s a vegie to now dreamt of living in Seoul for God’s sake! It’s a total different story if we end up hating or bashing what we always wanted even loved and I meant it for all things again in the world. It’s enough awful to hate your parents or back stub a friend or as for me hating Kim Hyun Joong for his thrift smile during fan meetings because he barely goes out of Korea to see me, rather to promote his albums. I don’t want to speak for everybody but it feels like that to me and it’s not cool.  That we all know, right?

Low budgeted? Vanished? Worst. NO Kim Hyun Joong?!! ahhh... bichuso~~
They say that once you engaged yourself to the world of K-pop there’s no way out and I believe we can all attest to that. You started to know who’s who between Kim Yuna, Hyuna and Yoona; That Kim Joong Kook is tough and capable but not with beautiful, pitiful girls around and Yoochun is a former DBSK member which dramatically disbanded and formed a trio as JYJ and now an awarded actor as Prince Lee Gak who apparently loves Omurice. We may thought that we all never planned being a fan thus it’s already an excuse of not going that far of buying original stuffs. Instead in any ways we should bit by bit give importance to what we’re paying for. Think of those numerous times you laughed out loud because of Yoo Hyuk’s wishful dance moves in his variety shows, that moment when Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won is doing the sit ups, the heart melting stunts of Super Juniors during their opening numbers in Super Shows.

hit like Kwang Soo did~ 
HAHAH! wrong move! 
Those were the times we can’t helped but google these artists some more, the times we all fought our swollen eyes from not sleeping so soon at 3 in the morning, moments we always wanted to share with others around us; the reason for that happy and motivated “fighting” look in every mornings in school. As we think of the times we were accompanied by the people, who we loved for who they are, who we don’t mind the changes they’ve made just to be liked in the first place. 

Therefore it’s fair enough to give back whatever they deserve that we could afford of doing as fans. It doesn’t imply that if you don’t have money to support your fangirling then you shift to much cheaper hobbies. Rather I mean it by saying let’s do something decent with our hard earned money according to what we are capable of giving.  So that Kuya and Ate from all across the streets and busy places will just realized in time that buying pirated DVDs and downloaded compiled mp3s are becoming less appealing because there will be readily available ones with complete series in no typo error subtitles in a very reasonable price. 

PARA SA BAYAN!!! For my favorite people who doesn't even know that I exist... still, SARANGHAE~ So fine, I'll try to change my ways in the next days to come~ 

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