Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Breathing out my BAD mood

Disclaimer Notice: This is unlikable. When I'm angry, I really am. 

If I can savage someone now or a couple of people. Maybe this might really be the time.
Don't wait for my pissed status in fb, I can handle my emotions too well. IDIOT! 
Your luck, BAD nga lang. butt hole! 
I tell you, there's only two reasons you may have either you like me or your dying to be like me! 
Yung mga jokes mo pang Comedy bar, nakakatawa pero nakakasakit na.  
Tumatawa ko pero di ibig sabihin non totoo. 
When I say YOU it goes to every living thing who's aiming to hurt me.  YOU with name who I still damn respect because just like you I still respect my own. 
THESE people always find it funny to get my reaction, my held pissed reaction. Who am I, some sort of your entertainment? YOU CREEP!

Ok. I'm done cursing YOU all here it's way way fine than causing stain in my fb account nor leaving me with really pained shiznit after all that! The heck! This is just a piece of my agony and if you or one of your likes dare to piss-me-off-again I am more than willing to welcome you in hell. ayyy naku! I'm becoming a sinner but once I get through with it. hmp! I'll be fine and able to tick my keyboard just like the usual. Sorry, my bad mind you've thought of things unbearable of my actual self.

I have so much to say and kept typing and erasing. But I believe that my intention will get through to you all. I'm just pissed. 

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