Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Breathing out my BAD mood

Disclaimer Notice: This is unlikable. When I'm angry, I really am. 

If I can savage someone now or a couple of people. Maybe this might really be the time.
Don't wait for my pissed status in fb, I can handle my emotions too well. IDIOT! 
Your luck, BAD nga lang. butt hole! 
I tell you, there's only two reasons you may have either you like me or your dying to be like me! 
Yung mga jokes mo pang Comedy bar, nakakatawa pero nakakasakit na.  
Tumatawa ko pero di ibig sabihin non totoo. 
When I say YOU it goes to every living thing who's aiming to hurt me.  YOU with name who I still damn respect because just like you I still respect my own. 
THESE people always find it funny to get my reaction, my held pissed reaction. Who am I, some sort of your entertainment? YOU CREEP!

Ok. I'm done cursing YOU all here it's way way fine than causing stain in my fb account nor leaving me with really pained shiznit after all that! The heck! This is just a piece of my agony and if you or one of your likes dare to piss-me-off-again I am more than willing to welcome you in hell. ayyy naku! I'm becoming a sinner but once I get through with it. hmp! I'll be fine and able to tick my keyboard just like the usual. Sorry, my bad mind you've thought of things unbearable of my actual self.

I have so much to say and kept typing and erasing. But I believe that my intention will get through to you all. I'm just pissed. 

Monday, September 24, 2012


This is a movie I’ll be afraid to watch alone. A romantic comedy in a suspense-horror setting filled with ripping of shirts. Yes, ripped! Two opposite genre combined with good leads, Son Ye Jin played the troubled lady, Yu-ri who lived the likes of Sunako Nakahara and Sawako from my favorite animes; Lee Min Ki as Jo-Gu, a street magician who hit it big after discovering the convincing scare out of Yuri’s character.

I won’t do story telling here… well I’m just inspired to share my thing. Oki?!!

So there, I felt Yu-ri’s worry in the movie. She just wanted to live a normal life but she’s faced with her dark past making her feel distant to life. She mastered to keep up and fight her fears since she’s still a girl who’s delicate plus weird. She wanted to be with someone who can be cool with her shortcomings and that I mean not just staying with her but living along with her extra baggage as well.

She’s a pretty nice catch but her only requirement for a man to marry is just someone with GUTS. There came a guy who’s just like anybody, also scared and as a matter of fact even “scared” but whom she felt attracted with. Jo-Gu learned to appreciate her uniqueness in spite the shock being around her. There she felt accompanied and safe. He didn’t let go though she pushed her away because on his part it’s more of a fright thinking she’s living alone. It’s that feeling of nothing to lose though you know you’ve just been reduced. You’ll be occupied by responsibility to care and to take good care of yourself in return since your mishaps are also same with the one you love. And what makes it evident is the big difference you can make from acknowledging your feelings than just by admiring from afar which is in the first place unfelt, no change, no difference from you saying to a friend that you loved her for years now but you stayed with your cowardly reasons. Dear, timing is important but confessing works for both end but it’s a must that a guy should initiate then she’ll admit. Got it?

Ooppss… Did I just make kwento? Hihihihi Mian~

Watch it or else Ju-Hee her unfriendly ghost will just be around haunting you to play the video below.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Late Blossom

Life is a just a matter of getting used to it. – Kim Man Seok of Late Blossom.

I have high anticipation for Korean films since I’m a fan myself of their hit dramas. But through the process I know their having the cliché storyline with rich man-poor girl; totally engrossed couple in love but ends up in an “expected” sudden tragic accident which caused the lead to suffer amnesia then there’s this latest fantasy of two people exchanging souls. You know though I’m fully aware I still do watch them. Why? It’s their way of saying because WE CAN.

After watching Late Blossom, I felt that life is not just anything about me that I am capable of affecting others in ways I never thought I could. Our priorities will change every now and then for the benefit of the ones’ we cared of but in reality no matter how we lived we all just be a memory and hopefully a good one. The idea of a meaningful life will always be thought in your lone times when you can no longer feel wanted and all is left is manners in your elderly presence. You may say I’m making it sound awful and inappropriate but in reasons of all things on earth we all depreciate. But what’s so good about life that I’ve come to realized is that what make us content, happy and able to wake up every day are always our cherished memories. That we all want to feel it again and again like experience the first kiss; the blessing in disguise heartbreak from your good for nothing ex that led you to “I do”; to witness your child’s first step; to have a trip abroad with your own family etc… All those fond times you may just remember when your time is running out.

We all give ourselves enough importance in every situation we’re in, liked it or not since self-love is the core to staying alive. But as we aged we feel selfless in some points, when we’re on top of our careers we all be giving back our glory then when the time comes that you began to feel unreciprocated because it’s a human thing to do you started feeling again that self-worth. You’re going back to your child act of wanting for more but your limits are shown. So think of our orishin (elders) no matter how busy we are. Let’s not promised them to pay visit every weekend if you will just stood them up for just like a kid they’re fragile, sensitive and hates broken promises. Don’t get tired of showing them you care since all just they wanted is to be accompanied by the people they once cared of as well. Because in the first place they didn’t wish for Alzheimer’s nor weak bones so just make your presence be felt so that they won’t feel scared and unwanted.

So just like that we will all end up having nothing but our treasured memories. Let’s just show the world that we existed. Like I may not be a perfect daughter or a politician that everyone voted but in my most unique way of saying Jerma once lived, I’ve started not too long ago to change my way of thinking not just about the world I’m in but also the world I’m preparing to enter. I want to have my dimples showing once I left plus the memories I’ve made.

Manse! Manse! (Long lived!!!)

I must say that if ever I watched this alone I would still be crying like crazy. You should not miss this movie for the world! A movie meant to touch your hearts and ideals for that future after death.

"You only live once - but if you make it right, once is enough." - Joe E. Lewis

Plead Guilty

I just came from a whole day event in my supposed to be lone Saturday. What brought me to stay out? I bet you knew the answer.  It’s the Korean Film Festival “Family Time” in Megamall for a week which started last Sept. 18 and will come to end tomorrow, 23rd. It is brought to us by ever active and friendly KCC, Korean Cultural Center; I have it ready just in case you’re interested to ask. They’ve offered free admission to their daebak films of all time for all ages. Isn’t it already exciting to know that it’s for free plus your favorite actors in big screen!

So there, applause for the people behind all these creativity to promote the value of “copyright” as per the pamphlets given as to how it affects the industry which I’m not just talking about Korea’s film business but also ours. How our patronization to cheap pirated DVD copies and illegal downloads can cause a big loss to everyone making a living out of media. I’m already sorry to begin with because though I already knew such wrong things I still choose to do so for years now. I haven’t thought of the worst things that could happen in the future like what if Big Bang will no longer have high budgeted wardrobe during concerts, PSY would no longer guest big stars on his music videos; no more hi-tech flying cameras on Running Man 200th episode or your most awaited movie just happened to end in just an hour due to production constraints. Though we all liked it not to happen I guess we’ll still end up with that anyway since every industry has its own downtime, sort of a cycle in every worldly thing. Don’t be surprised that I know such~ I’ve learned it from selective learning in college. Hehe.

Going back, it’s unimaginable for kpop fan like me who’s already indulge with everything Korean from eating spicy kimchi which we all know kids that it’s a vegie to now dreamt of living in Seoul for God’s sake! It’s a total different story if we end up hating or bashing what we always wanted even loved and I meant it for all things again in the world. It’s enough awful to hate your parents or back stub a friend or as for me hating Kim Hyun Joong for his thrift smile during fan meetings because he barely goes out of Korea to see me, rather to promote his albums. I don’t want to speak for everybody but it feels like that to me and it’s not cool.  That we all know, right?

Low budgeted? Vanished? Worst. NO Kim Hyun Joong?!! ahhh... bichuso~~
They say that once you engaged yourself to the world of K-pop there’s no way out and I believe we can all attest to that. You started to know who’s who between Kim Yuna, Hyuna and Yoona; That Kim Joong Kook is tough and capable but not with beautiful, pitiful girls around and Yoochun is a former DBSK member which dramatically disbanded and formed a trio as JYJ and now an awarded actor as Prince Lee Gak who apparently loves Omurice. We may thought that we all never planned being a fan thus it’s already an excuse of not going that far of buying original stuffs. Instead in any ways we should bit by bit give importance to what we’re paying for. Think of those numerous times you laughed out loud because of Yoo Hyuk’s wishful dance moves in his variety shows, that moment when Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won is doing the sit ups, the heart melting stunts of Super Juniors during their opening numbers in Super Shows.

hit like Kwang Soo did~ 
HAHAH! wrong move! 
Those were the times we can’t helped but google these artists some more, the times we all fought our swollen eyes from not sleeping so soon at 3 in the morning, moments we always wanted to share with others around us; the reason for that happy and motivated “fighting” look in every mornings in school. As we think of the times we were accompanied by the people, who we loved for who they are, who we don’t mind the changes they’ve made just to be liked in the first place. 

Therefore it’s fair enough to give back whatever they deserve that we could afford of doing as fans. It doesn’t imply that if you don’t have money to support your fangirling then you shift to much cheaper hobbies. Rather I mean it by saying let’s do something decent with our hard earned money according to what we are capable of giving.  So that Kuya and Ate from all across the streets and busy places will just realized in time that buying pirated DVDs and downloaded compiled mp3s are becoming less appealing because there will be readily available ones with complete series in no typo error subtitles in a very reasonable price. 

PARA SA BAYAN!!! For my favorite people who doesn't even know that I exist... still, SARANGHAE~ So fine, I'll try to change my ways in the next days to come~ 

Monday, September 17, 2012


During my independence days in Manila, I always dream of cooking my own food. Everybody knows that I really can't cook but I just like it. I used to imagine me boiling saba banana dipped in cooking oil with spices. awwwright!!! C'mon don't be that amazed yet for the level of difficulty will soon go up. hihihi 

And told you, right before I filed for my leaves I already thought of me working in the kitchen! So here's my cooking!!!

Preparing the must have for "the DIP" -  salsa! yeahba!
TADA!!! Nacho Salsa Dip ala Quickmelt... dami cheese e! 
with my interns, Owen and Jeric.
Lipton Cocktail Iced Tea.
Went to our City Market early in the morning to buy fresh buko for my ever favorite, BUKO SALAD!
Ingredients for Bukod salad with AJ as garnish on the side. hahha
of course hygiene must always apply in all crafts we make, assuring everything's done with clean hands. (^ ^)>

And that's it! Ang sarap ng feeling na di ko kailangang ipa'raffle ang pagkaing luto ko para maubos! hahahah And today, I wish I could kill *stuttering*,  rather cook an octopus or an eel!!! yeah!!! loving to savage!  


it pains me~

Title: love, sick, little, puppy dog (^ ^)
Got inspired thus this was made. I still love ASHLLOYD and that's a big reveal though they choose to break my heart ---.----)\/ 
*Now turning 13k views so thanks folks for watching!


Why do people having chemistry and already filled out the requirements to fall in love ended up being just a familiar face to each other? I know the answer but still... tsk! *whining* I have hopes for these people so why can't they?!?!? I know for a fact that they do feel the same way but how come they see it as a restrain? It's making things more complicated, more unreal  and worst, more regretful. Oh my! I just wish if i'll be in those shoes of either of the two I could always choose to be happy despite of being ALREADY HURT. 

And though I like to be certain that they do have something for each other unluckily I'm just a mere expectator that what I just know is merely favorable in my very own insinuating eyes so whatever they have as of the moment maybe friends or colleagues there's no way to find it out since the world isn't end yet. So whatever it is, as long as the people I like to get married not yet married or divorced or annulled with "others" just YET still heads up for all of us believers! 

Because though I've never felt it yet I know that LOVE is a universal thing to do. Yes, TO DO! Love is an action verb. End of story.