Thursday, August 23, 2012

Still, Love is…

An aftermath of seen and unseen is just too much to bear.
Obscene movies are here and there.
It challenged both mind and the heart of anyone who have gotten. 
Experience is so little
But if opened thought is considered you’ll get a piece of everything.
It haunts, it destroys and it digs deeper than you thought it would.
It leaves you with sores you never thought existed along the course.
It just happened.
That was a mistake.
But that's just my guess.

Truth is behind its sense.
It fools one or two with a stone.
Who says its coincidence?
When it’s you,
You yourself took you there in the first place.
Accidents are forgiven
But coincidences as you wish don’t.

You meant it when you say HI and Hello
Then when somebody or for you just anybody got fooled
You took the chance to score
No waste time for it to fly
Go for the race and enjoy the deeds.
Aftermaths of the night doomed
Name, face, moles and signature unfolds
Treatments after is strange.
The one who believed loses.
The one played gained.

This isn’t you’re expected outcome.
Being shy and hesitant means goodbye.
This is a story of someone who just let it fly.
What have gotten into you?
What sort of thing did you do?
This isn’t your thing you knew.

I’m not good at this but allow me please
It is still love that leaves you speechless aftermath.
It is hard to find so don’t aim to rush
Think of this instead
When they say life is so short so as time,
You say time is gold so am I.

Don’t leave yourself overnight.
Things happen for a reason
But don’t you be an example.
Give it time, prayers then you’ll be found.
If someone will come it will knock before you knew it.
Let GOD be our guide.
Let love be that source of delight.
Don’t push yourself too hard because it won’t happen in a snap.

i just made this "poem?". hihihi subject to unknown anxiety of what we called a lot*

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