Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blogging isn't easy so as life...

Note: This has been written a long-long time ago...

I’m currently reading on DJ Gino’s blog posts, who I must say pushed me to do some writing (typing on this case) since I already have my netbook with me. Yehey! I actually got this from my mother in a very reasonable deal in a mother-daughter context of making barter. Some of my friends say I could just have it as free like a kid joking around for a gift in a toy store when she noticed her parents buying a gift for somebody. It’s not that I never thought about it but it’s just so strange when you’re already earning money, literally independent and happy about it.

(Thanks to for this pic! lovely right?!)

Anyway, here's Ginoboi's blog so you may have the idea of what brought my thinking into writing :)

I could have done that AGAIN but I won’t and realized that there are endings for free meals this time. It’s about time to be responsible for whatever you’re getting. I was actually rooting for a brand new one but she insisted that it’s not necessary since I already have it in the office. So I make things harder for her, just like old times I make tawad and make compromises. She agreed. I got a netbook for half its price, with broadband, mouse, safety cushion case and external dvd drive as its freebies. Just like that my mother was once again fooled by my convincing power which is very unlikely of her. I have known my mother as a certain woman. She knows what she’s up to and it’s pretty annoying that time because I felt I have an indifferent mom.  She’s the type who’ll not be swayed by your charms that turns to be a pagwawala after a visit to a mall. And the rest were history that I just can’t divulge here out of (self?) respect. Because she’s really strict that I have grown to fear her. Who among you asked your mother’s love life history? Because I did and I got nothing from my silly question. (Ohhh… She might have dark past, so she just leaves it as that) and that was just my thought. So to attract the things I want I’ve tried to make her proud but then realizing now how I’ve become… she really knows what’s best for us.

She may not be as open and motherly like other moms but she’s finely a cool mom. One of the moments that moved me was when she accompanied me to buy the things I need to my dorm here in Manila. I was getting annoyed and throwing tantrums because we didn’t get to Greenhills and just went elsewhere. But only finding that she’s not sure of the way to get there so we ended up shopping cheap ones (sorry for the words) and still she paid attention to what I really need. I was moved after realizing her reasons; our shopping together would be our last time together. She even left me with the laptop she just bought for me to still find for more work options though I already accepted my first job that time. After a month, she visited me I cried a lot after she left and it’s the first time she have seen me crying out of missing her company.

Now I felt still indebted for all she has to suffer because of having an immature kid like me. Also we’ve gotten a lot closer and I am there only kid who joins them sleeps every time there’s an opportunity for me to sneak in. I miss my cool parents and though I hate being intimate or having this talk well then, I must be human. Kansahamnida Omma, Appa! *shy*

Lesson learned: If you’re too shy to tell your feelings out loud, blog about it or say it in words people won’t understand.

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