Saturday, March 3, 2012

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Future Boyfriend,

Where were you last night??? 

Hmnnn... you know I still get shy. I’m sorry if I’m not used to being a “girlfriend”. This isn’t normal to me and you know the reason why. You were my first and what happens after that will be for us to work. I actually don’t know why you love me or isn’t it because I’m pretty?! Hahhaha 0.o

On a serious note, we’re getting serious right? Because I certainly am! Try not to so I’ll call my bunch of uncles then you’ll decide… aww NOOOO!!!

Until this day, I still can’t figure if I’m really ready for you. Back then you were just a complete stranger so bright that shows no face but now you’re here with mine holding on to our cheesy lines. Just what if you gave up too soon, I might have thought that my rare opportunity will be again snatched.

Thank you for coping with my clumsiness, childishness on you, on us. Try to understand HON, there’ll be more of those next time! You’ll maybe surprised if at times I’ll be calling you Oppah, I bet you've done a little research on me so there's no need to elaborate on that. Just in case you do care, don’t get jealous with my petty status or wall post that includes your mortal rival, Kim Hyun Joong. He’s my virtual happiness yet you’re my full packaged entertainment.

There’ll be times you'll be witnessing my tantrums, so please stay still and just don’t utter a word cause I’ll just make kwento once I’m through with it. I’ll sure get better if you’re just around making worry or cute faces that will instantly erase all negativities bugging on our dates. Though I used to say and you might already realize that I avoid intimate attachment and lingering touches, just keep your calm like you always do and maybe in time I’ll signal you with a dorky smile.

So if I flirt, please cooperate. (_ _”)\/

I like you and you know how difficult it was for me to admit. I didn’t know that you’ve known me so well. You've made me believe that I’m still a GIRL like everybody else. Did I just tell you that I would love a fruit salad with a ROSE?!? Obviously not on top of my favorite food and without thorns of course. Must not have, excessive perfume sprays or it will be a surprising sneeze.

I normally receive chocolates from generous-thoughtful-friends during Valentine’s but how come you’ve given me more than a box of love can contain. In my malicious state of mind how could I not noticed you coming, I was as surprised as my friends. Like who’s this guy who’s suddenly I’ve been sharing laughter with until the wee hours of the day.

As they say, who are you to invade my privacy? Who’s this man who’s as equally humorous as me? A man full of sincerity that can actually make me believe that I can be so pretty, confident and more happy. Enough of that darn insecurities because someone just can't get enough of my beauty. No more lonely days and empty chair during dinner because there you are available 24/7.

I’m truly grateful for your existence.

I think I already knew what God was thinking when he made you. ME.

LOVE YOU mwaauchh!

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