Sunday, March 11, 2012

Open Sesame!

OH My Consciousness collides…

A sudden realization came to mind when I reached the gate of our house without a key to open it for me. It wasn’t in my bag just like nobody’s in the house just yet. So I called people whom I should seek for help. First thing comes to mind, my parents. I instantly call asking if where they are and just like that they will not be staying home tonight. So I called my brother who just can’t be reached. My sister and she’s still at work.

I waited… almost an hour while sitting on a landscaped rocks just next to the gate, blankly staring on my low bat phone which ironically been just helpful to keep me from hearing my mom’s scolding. There were neighbors passing by my ala music video setting. I just came from school laughing out loud with friends then all of a sudden I’m alone. Luckily, my battery saved its own life. I text a friend whose nearby and she came. She’s making fun of me because my text was just irresistible to ignore. It says, Dhet, jamming naman oh. Labas pa ako ng bahay. I laughed at myself too but not like I always did then I told her, I could’ve gone to SM and kill time.

What really made me wait that long? There were momentary silence between my sentences with Dhet. Like why did I even bother a friend to escort me in my lonesome time? This isn’t me that’s what I thought of after my sister came to rescue my pitiful pose.

My parents again called asking if I already got in. I had a thought. This might be the answer to my waiting… the reason why I hardly text my friends with petty things like that because I know they’ll interpret it as a joke for sure. Like there’s no particular someone who worries on my behalf or whose coolness has just been loose because this things makes him anxious even if I’m just one step closer to our house. So there, you know what I meant. There’s absence for his place.

Then I text that friend saying, you know what? if I have a boyfriend I wouldn’t have to cause ruckus to my sister, wouldn’t have made my mom mad just for an unseen key, wouldn’t have waited for a friend to make me not that pitiful waiting across universal road. If had a boyfriend, I would have the choice to get away even more excited to have that chance. It could have been a spontaneous date after he sent me home. It could’ve been one fun day to us. A share of large fries and coke would have been envy in a fast food chain.

Blessing in disguise, that’s how it should be but still after a year of reminiscing that day I must say it wasn’t a big deal to be scolded nor wait for an hour but what makes it momentous is that until now he’s not yet here. I would be glad to accompany him as well if he goes through crisis like mine, may or may not be as simple as waiting for the gate to open.

Indeed, simple things are most remembered that it even brought insightful turning point in one’s life.


  1. ahhahahahah ok now ur inlovE:)

  2. hahahah~ sort of in love with labss... bwahahha! cheesy tae!